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Designed for LNG bunkering

The LNGistics Quadelprop is designed for optimized operations from terminal loading to port bunkering operations thanks to:

– high manoeuvrability

– compact dimensions

– universal LNG loading and transfer systems adaptable to any customer ship and to any LNG terminal configuration

Driven by cost effectiveness and customer needs

The LNGistics Quadelprop is the result of a design-to-cost process and is ready for an optimized shipbuilding project.
The standard Quadelprop comprises all features for an effective, safe and reliable LNG bunkering. Based on the same design it allows different customer options:

– LNG capacity from 2 x 2,000 m3 to 2 x 4,500 m3

– fuel for propulsion: LNG or MGO

– classification: unrestricted or coastal navigation

Dynamic Positioning System: DYNAPOS AM/AT or DYNAPOS AM/AT R

Ultra manoeuverable bunkership

The Quadelprop is ultra-manoeuvrable during all phases of the bunkering operations thanks to 4 fully azimuthal thrusters. Its high level of system redundancy eliminates the need of assistance from port tugs or pilot.

– especially suited for operations in crowded commercial ports

DP mode possibility

compact design

enhanced stability and shallow draft

Highest standards of safety and security

The Quadelprop is designed to allow bunkering operations according to the most stringent requirements applicable to passengers ships and without any risk of contact with the customer ship.

Applicable operators codes : IGC, ISO 25019, ISO 1474, SIGTTO,…

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